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About Us

About Us

Have you ever thought to yourself “I’d love to drop everything and go travel for a year”? So did we… and once we got engaged, we realized that there is no better time to do it than your honeymoon.

Mitch Gerbus

Mitch was born and raised in Reno, Nevada, where he was on the ski slopes from age 3. Typically an adventure-seeker and lover of nature, he’s surprised to have landed in New York. Halfway through college, he realized that he didn’t want to study chemistry and moved to NYC to pursue film, and since then has worked primarily as a video editor cutting commercials, mini-documentaries, online ad campaigns, and feature documentaries. Check out his website as a video editor here.

Julie (Jewels) Ziff Sint

Jewels has New York in her blood, and seeks out both urban and natural beauty and diving about local cultures. She’s a do-gooder by nature and has shaped her career in fundraising and marketing for non-profit organizations. At home, she is also a yoga teacher, performer, and co-founder of Hoop Vinyasa, a fusion of yoga and hoop dance. Check out her personal website (teaching yoga and performing) here.

We met in 2006, started dating in 2009, and got married in 2013. Together, we love spending time at home (cooking, always cooking) and exploring the beautiful worlds of crazy artistic adventures and gorgeous natural landscapes… and are looking forward to embarking on this epic adventure of life together.

Our Epic Adventure

We got married on September 21, 2013, and spent the following six weeks finishing up intense jobs, figuring out what to do with our apartment, packing up our lives, and figuring out where in the world we were going.

Our Epic Adventure will last one year. We bought one-way plane tickets out of New York on November 3, 2013, and are planning to travel for 12 months, going only (or almost only) to places neither of us have been before. Many friends and family pledged to help us with our travels as their wedding gifts, so expect to see words of thanks scattered throughout!

While we wish that we had the bandwidth and brainpower to keep our friends and family updated about our adventures personally, we realize that it would be a logistical impossibility. We look forward to keeping this blog updates with stories, commentary, photos, maybe even videos from our journey. Please join us along the way, or just follow along virtually!