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02 Mar


Thank you & Greetings from Laos!

March 2, 2014 | By |

We feel so blessed to have such an incredible community at home, and have been sending our wedding thank-you’s from the road. We decided to send all of our remaining thank-you’s, and hope that the Laotian and other postal mail systems are up to snuff! So, check your mailboxes. The following of you should be getting mail soon!

  • Adam Gitlin
  • Adam Muffin Kramer
  • Alicia Anstead & Peter Davis
  • Amy Shapiro & Carl Saytor
  • Anastasiya Gutnik
  • Anita Wilhelm
  • Anne Smith
  • Audrey Boguchwal
  • Bex Burton & Nicholas Whitaker
  • Bob Primavera & David Weissman
  • Chelsea Cartabiano
  • Claire Smith
  • Costume Jim Glaser & Nina Urban
  • Daniela Morell
  • David Ort
  • Dean Levitt & Alison Voelz
  • Eric & Barbara Emont
  • Erin Harlan & Rich Treanor
  • Greg Franklin
  • Hsing Wei
  • Jeary Beals
  • Jerry Jungle Goldman
  • Jessica & Paul Schwartzberg
  • John & Mary McGarvey
  • Kat Mareck & William Oberlin
  • Kathie & Bill Wolff
  • Kathryn Ulrich
  • Liana Cameris
  • Linda Mittel
  • Mandy Leonardo
  • Marc Whalen
  • Marty Yoo
  • Roland Peralta
  • Suzanne & Alan Posner-Katz
  • Suzie Sims-Fletcher
  • Tony & Karen Harding

Love and gratitude to you all!


  1. Kathryn Ulrich

    Ha! That pix of you licking all the stamps reminded me of that Seinfeld episode. I hope the glue isn’t toxic! Don’t lick too many….maybe use a sponge. lol

    • Mitch & Jewels

      Truth time… we used a sponge, but licked the first one for the sake of photos! The only problem is that Laos doesn’t seem to make a 12,000 kip stamp, so we had to figure out how to fit two large stamps onto each postcard!

  2. suzQ!

    I am so glad to see this post – not for the content -but because I felt like I hadn’t heard from you guys for a while…and ….it was…weird. I see there are other writings – so I will go read them – but yay and yay that you are out there licking (or not licking) stamps. <3

  3. Christopher Hardwick

    I want a postcard fro somewhere exotic and colorful
    333 East 14th Street #14a
    NY, NY 10003